Places I've Shipped to in the USA

Places I've Shipped to in the USA

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Featured Seller of the Week - Brownies Vintage

Vintage & Indie Design Clothing Boutique

Shop owners, Kendra & Greg, have been Etsy members for a little over a year and also have their own storefront in their hometown of Berkeley, CA. All of their printed shirts are of original design, funky, and affordable. I did a short Q&A with Kendra - check it out!

How did you originally find out about Etsy?

I heard about etsy from some friends. They told me about the site and I thought it too good to be true. When I checked it out I was amazed and excited that someone actually created such a wonderful place online for people to sell their handmade goods.

What makes you successful as an online seller?

I have fun advertising. I try not to think of it as work and my relaxed attitude comes across to my customers. I think being genuine is important and I always try to stay true to myself when working on my business.

What's your hottest selling item?

My hottest selling item is the Woman’s "I love Power Ballads" T-shirt

What makes your store unique?

The fact that we specialize in Deadstock Vintage is pretty unique. Greg and I have mastered the art of hunting down vintage in PERFECT condition. Unlike most vintage stores we choose to focus on everyday wearable items like jeans, t-shirts, & shoes.

Current Promotions/Sales:

Right now we have free shipping on all of our Indie Design screen printed T's. Our "Undies" T-shirt is also on sale for only $14 AND you still get the free shipping!!!

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William said...

Thank you so much for helping etsy shop owners out through your blog. There are a lot of beautiful shops on their site, but it is hard for some to get the traffic they deserve. Well written and i hope the store has much success to you! I am not sure on the etiquette here, but I would love to have my shop on your site.